Aqua Accumulator Workout

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Try this little aqua accumulator workout either using time i.e. 1 min or reps ie. 10 reps per exercise. Which ever time or reps you decide for your exercise you use that each time. You can change the exercises as well. Think of it as a system. Try it in your aqua classes this week. Create a holding step in between each exercise i.e. You can use a noodle or bits or dumbbells.

Holding step - star jumps - 1 min

Do your usual warm up. Then start with exercise number 1 and complete 10 reps or 1 min. Then holding step for 1 min.

Next do exercise number 1 (10 reps) and 2 (10 reps) then your holding step for 1 minute

Then exercise number 1 (10 reps), 2 (10 reps) and 3 (10 reps), then your holding step for 1 minute

Then exercise number 1 (10 reps),2 (10 reps) 3 (10 reps) and 4 (10 reps) then your holding step for one minute, all the way to 10. If using 10 reps its a great incentive as when you do 1-10 that's 100 reps. Commonly referred to as a ton up.

Always go back to exercise number 1 each time, then holding step, until you get to number 10.


1. Power jumps up

2. Noodle push downs front wide leg squats

3. Side lunges to knee repeaters (10 on each leg)

4. Walking front lunges noodle push ( 5 fwd, turn 5 back)

5. High knee sprints (10 on each leg)

6. Noodle side pushes left with opposite side leg lift

7. Rocking horse (fwd and back counts as one)

8. Noodle side pushes right with opposite side leg lift

9. Run forward with arm circles x 5 run back 5

10. Sumo squat punches (10 on each arm)

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