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Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Steph Toogood of Hydro-Actif and Gill Cummings-Bell of Drummond Education are pleased to announce the exciting merger of these two health and fitness training brands effective from the 1st September 2019. The Hydro-Actif brand will remain the powerful brand it is within the water world but will now be managed and delivered by Drummond Education. The merger provides for new opportunities within the world of water fitness by capitalising on the synergies between the two brands. This will better serve the fitness market by introducing new and innovative coaching programmes in the water such as ‘Hydro Therapy’, ‘Aquafit Pilates’ and ‘Hydro-Natal” and much more.

Gill Cummings-Bell of Drummond Education says that this is a visionary merger to bring together over 70 years of coaching programme experience in both water and dry side together to meet the growing needs of the public health and wellness. Steph Toogood of Hydro-Actif feels that the merger will not only facilitate new programmes but bring together the unique training teams of both organisations to lead the market in water based fitness.

Hydro-Actif’s new programmes will be managed by the Drummond Education management team together with a new international advisory board on water fitness led by Steph Toogood, senior board advisor and founder, Gill Cummings-Bell clincal exercise physiologist and Cassie Williams, senior tutor and water fitness expert.

For more information www.hydro-actif.com. Tel. 0203 326 3009

Contact: Hydro-actif @ Drummond email: info@hydro-actif.com

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