The key to successful class retention!

Updated: Mar 10, 2020

Article by Cassie Williams

Have you ever wondered what the key to being a successful and popular group exercise instructor is? The answer is that no single element is the key, it is a combination of talents that we all need to nurture to attain any longevity in a fast moving industry.  So what are those elements?

Motivation We cannot expect our clients to return to us week in week out if we don't motivate them. We need to empower clients into the belief that exercise is beneficial otherwise they will have no motivation to take part. If you give someone what they need they will come back.

Inclusiveness/belonging If we create an atmosphere of inclusiveness then clients will want to return, the beauty of group exercise is that it creates a sense of belonging and clients who attend generally thrive on the interaction and support of a group. This includes relating to your group by taking an interest in clients : if you can adapt exercises to individuals needs they will feel valued and keep returning to class.

Being a role model A positive attitude to exercise will soon rub off on your clients, being a role model can inspire clients to reach their fitness goals. Foster positive attitudes to promote positive results!  Above all be yourself, show the passion you have for your job and for helping to change their lives and your clients will keep returning time after time.

About Cassie It’s about passion, find your passion and immerse yourself in it. At school my passion was Volleyball, then it became Group Exercise, then I did my Aqua training and it all made sense.  In my workshops for Hydro-Actif I have combined my love for the mediums of dance, Pilates and yoga with my passion for Aqua.  I have been a Fitness instructor for over 25 years and a tutor for Hydro-Actif for 12. My goal is to help create a new generation of passionate and informative Aqua instructors to spread the enthusiasm for the benefits of exercising in water.

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